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User Interface is more than just what you see. Penguin UI will help you navigate the complexities, so you can bring your creative ideas to life.

Features That boost Your Productivity

Penguin UI is super easy to use with a ton of customization options, out of the box accessibility features, responsiveness, and cross-browser support, to make sure that you can turn your ideas into reality faster and easier.

Plug & Play

Good news! Penguin UI doesn't require any installation! No need to add another npm package to your project. You can easily copy and paste the components you'd like into your code.

Customizable Themes

Penguin UI has a variety of ready-to-use themes that you can personalize. Take a look through our collection and tweak every part of the theme to match your style.

Dark Mode Support

Penguin UI components and themes support dark mode out of the box. Just like the rest of the colors, you can edit every single color in the dark mode palette.


We make every effort to ensure our components are accessible. We also provide a color contrast checker to help you pick the perfect palette for your custom theme.


Penguin UI components are responsive and will look great across all devices. Makes your designs adapt seamlessly to any screen size or device.

Browser support

Penguin UI will support Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari, and Firefox browsers, ensuring a smooth experience for all users, no matter their preferred browser.

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