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UI components for AI Applications with
Tailwind CSS and Alpine JS

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Powerful UI Components
Tailored for AI Applications

Penguin UI offers a collection of UI components for AI interfaces built with Tailwind CSS and powered by Alpine JS that are customizable, accessible, responsive, and work cross-browser. So you can easily develop your AI applications.

Plug & Play

You don't have to install Penguin UI at all! No need to introduce another npm package to your project. Simply copy and paste the components you want directly into your code.


Penguin UI components are responsive, ensuring they look great on all devices. They can easily adapt your designs to any screen size or device.

Customizable Themes

Penguin UI offers a collection of themes that are customizable. Browse through our collection and adjust each color of the theme to suit your style.

Dark Mode Support

Penguin UI components and themes include built-in dark mode support. Customize colors in the dark mode palette to match your preferences.


We make every effort to ensure our components are accessible. We also provide a color contrast checker to help you pick the perfect palette for your custom theme.

Browser support

Penguin UI supports Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari, and Firefox browsers, ensuring a smooth experience across all preferred browsers.

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